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August 2018. pp. 239-246

Potassium (K) is a main macronutrient for rice but deficit of potassium can have an effect on the productivity of rice and sustainability of paddy soil fertility. In an experiment conducted at the long-term research field of the National Institute of Agricultural Science, we investigated the effects of mineral fertilizer and rice straw compost on dynamic and balance of potassium under a rice single system. The treatments were no fertilization (No fert.), inorganic fertilization (N, NPK), and inorganic fertilizer plus rice straw compost (NPKC). The concentrations of exchangeable K in all treatments were ranged from 0.08 to 0.23 cmolc kg-1 with fluctuation by a 10-year cycle. Especially, exchangeable potassium in NPKC treatment was higher 0.05~0.19 cmolc kg-1 than that of No fert. treatment. K balance in all treatments resulted in the negative level that ranged from –3.4 to –36.4 cmolc kg-1. These were attributed to supply from K minerals of soil that were identified muscovite, biotite, microcline, and anorthoclase.

Changes of Exchangeable K by applying of potassium fertilizer and rice straw compost from 1968 to 2015. No fert., N, P, K, C, L, and S mean no fertilization, nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, rice straw compost, lime, and silicate fertilizer, respectively.

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