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November 2018. pp. 457-470

Recently, there is growing interest in agricultural public service function. Studies on soil ecosystem services in addition to its agricultural multi-functionality are underway. Ecosystem services and agricultural multi-functionality have a common denominator of soil. To extend the concept, scope, and context of agricultural public services, it can be extended on the basis of soil functions. Therefore, the results of ecosystem services research related to soil are summarized. Recently, ecosystem services are classified into four categories. Ecosystem services of FAO are divided into provisioning services, regulating services, supporting services, and cultural services. The provisioning services included crop production and water resource. Regulating services are soil related functions such as carbon sequestration, waste treatment, water purification, flood control, erosion prevention, and nutrient supply. Supporting services are biodiversity functions. Ecosystem services can be divided into annual value and total asset value. The nutrient content function and carbon sequestration function can be evaluated at annual value, and also nutrient and carbon contents assessment can be evaluated by stock. They suggest additional soil functions as follows; the energy supply function through biomass, the rare earth supply, the production of medicines, the removing pollutant such as fine dust, drought resistance and soil nitrogen fixation.

Soil-related ecosystem services.

Ecosystem services Item of ecosystem services Function of soil-related Provisioning Food(Biomass, wood etc) Energy through biomass Raw materials Rare earth supply Freshwater Medicinal resources Medicinal resources supply Regulating Local climate air quality Contaminant reduction function such as fine dust Carbon sequestration and storage Waste-water treatment Moderation of extreme events Drought resistant Regulation of water flow Erosion prevention and maintenance of soil fertility Biological control Pollination Supporting Habitat for species Maintenance of genetic diversity

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