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2018 Vol.51, Issue 4 Preview Page
November 2018. pp. 482-489

This study was conducted to examine the yield and antioxidant activity of vegetable crops under the salt affected greenhouse soil in order to evaluate the possibility of greenhouse farming in “Saemangeum reclaimed land”. Field experiment was conducted on a sandy loam soil and four different vegetable crops, Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris L.), Kale (Brassica oleracea ver. acephala), Red mustard (Brassica juncea L.), and Endive (Cichorium endivia L.) were cultivated. In the third year of the experiment, the soil salinity dramatically increased up to 23.5 dS m-1 from 2.2 dS m-1 in the first year of the experiment due to the resalinization of soil. The cumulative yield was 2,675 kg 10a-1 (Endive) > 2,560 kg 10a-1 (Red mustard) > 1,819 kg 10a-1 (Kale) > 1,795 kg 10a-1 (Swiss chard). Yield was inversely correlated with soil salinity (R2 = 0.71-0.77) but the red mustard was not significantly correlated with soil salinity. Both DPPH free radical activity and total phenol content were higher with red mustard. K/Naleaves ratio as an indication of the salt tolerance was in the order of Red mustard > Endive ≥ Swiss chard ≥ Kale.

Total Phenolics content and DPPH assay of vegetable crops in plastic film house at Saemangeum reclaimed land.

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