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2018 Vol.51, Issue 4 Preview Page
November 2018. pp. 530-535

The objective of this study was to investigate the basic relationships between spectral reflectance and growing period of forage crops. Ground-level spectral reflectance was collected in the field experiment containing plots of rye, whole-crop barley and Italian-ryegrass (IRG). We observed that spectral reflectance increases with SSC, first at the visible range, then in the red-edge range, and finally, in the near-infrared range; a characteristic maximum reflectance variation appears at 730-760 nm. The first derivative of reflectance spectra showed several peaks that were dependent in different degrees on chlorophyll concentration in the forage crops. Experimental data recorded on forage crops during the growing season are in good agreement with previous theoretical results.

Spectral reflectance and first derivative of forage crops.

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  • Publisher :Korean Society of Soil Science and Fertilizer
  • Publisher(Ko) :한국토양비료학회
  • Journal Title :Korean Journal of Soil Science and Fertilizer
  • Journal Title(Ko) :한국토양비료학회 학회지
  • Volume : 51
  • No :4
  • Pages :530-535
  • Received Date :2018. 10. 02
  • Accepted Date : 2018. 12. 05