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2018 Vol.51, Issue 3 Preview Page
August 2018. pp. 204-210

This study was conducted to investigate the application effect of fertilizer using ferro-nickel slag on Chinese cabbage cultivations in upland field. Field experiments were designed with control (Cn), ferronickel slag soil conditioner fertilizer (FNS SCF), ferronickel magnesium fertilizer (FNS MGF), and conventional silicate fertilizer (CSF) treatments. Chinese cabbage fresh weight, length, leaf width, and leaf number during the harvest period showed high growth at the FNS SCF and FNS MGF treatment area. Compared to the control group, the FNS SCF and CSF treatment areas showed 26% heavier fresh weight. During the harvest period, compared to the growing period, the contend of inorganic components in Chinese cabbage seemed to decrease, but Na2O was increasing in the root. The T-N showed pretty high in the outer leaf at the CSF and FNS MGF treatment areas. Heavy metal content of Chinese cabbage during the harvest period, compared to the growth period, showed overall decrease. During the harvest, the Ni content in the outer leaf showed highest at FNS MGF, in the inner leaf highest at Cn treatment area, and in the root highest at the FNS SCF treatment area.

Growth properties of Chinese cabbage in harvest period.Treatment†Fresh weight (g plant-1)Head widthHead heightHead tightnessPlant weightHead weight(cm)(cm)Cn3.92a‡2.41a17.0a27.6ab10.73aFNS SCF4.88b3.12b18.7b28.9b13.00bCSF4.94b3.10b18.7b28.4ab12.97bFNS MGF4.33ab2.73ab18.0ab26.8a11.95ab†Cn, control; FNS SCF, ferronickel slag soil conditioner fertilizer; CSF, conventional silicate fertilizer; FNS MGF, ferronickel magnesium fertilizer.

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