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November 2018. pp. 626-635

As fertigation facilities in a greenhouse have increased, information on the nutrient requirement along the plant growth stages is highly needed. This study investigated the nutrient uptake pattern of leafy lettuce cultivated in a pot filled with a sandy loam soil in a greenhouse from March to June in 2016 and to calculate the amount of nutrient supply with growth stages of lettuce by fertigation system. With different nitrogen (N) top-dressing supply levels (0.5N, 0.75N, 1.0N, and 1.5N) by soil NO3-N based recommendation, the characteristics of growth and nutrient uptake of lettuce along the growth stages have been evaluated. Soil NO3-N decreased along the growth stages, having no significant differences among N supply levels lettuce leaf growth showed linear growth patterns and there was no clear difference in growth and nutrient uptake among N supply levels. The growth of lettuce was 17%, 38%, and 64% of total accumulated growth of lettuce (dried weight, averaged N supply level) after 40 days, 50 days, and 60 days after seeding (DAS), respectively, reached to 38.9 kg 10a-1 at 70 DAS. Mineral uptake (N, P2O5, and K2O) of lettuce along the growth stages, showing different patterns with nutrient species, was characterized into increasing pattern in N uptake, steady-increasing pattern in P2O5 uptake, and step-like pattern in case of K2O uptake. With growth stages of lettuce, the N uptake was 26%, 17%, 20%, and 37% of total N uptake, 24%, 3%, 12%, and 50% in case of total P2O5 uptake, and 20%, 31%, 12%, and 34% of total K2O uptake. In conclusion, the scheduling of the fertigation nutrient supply designed on the basis of daily nutrient uptake and nutrient use efficiency by fertigation system could contribute to maintain stable productivity of lettuce and ameliorate the nutrient accumulation of greenhouse soil.

Weekly fertigation scheduling (g 10a-1) of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium for greenhouse leafy lettuce with growth stages estimated on the basis of mineral uptake and nutrient use efficiency by fertigation system.

Cultivation : early March(seeding) ~ late June Plant density : 15,000 plant 10a-1 Growth stages Weeks after seeding N P2O5 K2O Seed germination 1 2 Seedling development 3 43.4 14.1 161.6 4 43.4 14.1 161.6 Mid-leaf elongation 5 43.4 14.1 161.6 6 51.3 11.0 279.8 7 71.1 3.2 575.4 8 102.6 23.3 278.4 Late-leaf elongation 9 113.4 48.0 437.1 10 120.9 69.5 714.7 Total required amount 589.5 197.2 2,770.2

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